Comment Moderation (Updated)

Like most blogs, I do moderate comments made by readers of this blog. I do this primarily for four reasons.

1.  To block comments which use hate speak or reflect views which are both misleading or untrue and which are meant specifically to upset people who come here to find honest answers to their Social Security questions and concerns.

2.  To block spam, which to me are comments which are commercial in nature, which try to sell products or ideas.

3.  To block personal attacks on other people who have commented on this blog.  It is my intent that this place be a “flame-free” zone where anyone who has a comment may make it without fear of being attacked for it. Don’t “call out” another commenter. You may disagree with what another commenter has said, but you can’t insult him or her personally. Also, don’t flatly tell another commenter that he or she is wrong. If the issue is one of fact, he or she might be right and you might be wrong. If the issue is one of opinion, no one can ever say that another person’s opinion is wrong.

4. To block comments which offer technical advice about Social Security or any of its related programs to other commenters. Everyone’s individual circumstances are different. Many Social Security rules are complicated, have different rules for people of different ages, or have exceptions or inclusions which are not commonly known. Some issues, such as work after retirement or after becoming disabled, or absence from the US, have multiple rules which apply and which need to be considered separately. I’m sure that no one wants to disadvantage another commenter.

Other than this, I do not censor anyone. I welcome all comments, even those which are critical of Social Security, as long as such criticism is honest and not meant to be hateful or hurtful to others.

I try to moderate all comments within 24 hours of their receipt.

“Hate Speak”

Comments from conservatives or Republicans of any stripe will not be accepted. Social Security Potluck has a postmaster, Revenuer, who carefully moderates all comments submitted to the blog. This blog is dedicated to discussion of Social Security, one of the most successful social programs in this country’s history and to answering questions about Social Security.

No space or time will be devoted to responding to conservative diatribes or repetition of Republican talking points. They will be deleted during moderation or marked as spam. If conservative or Republican readers have comments they can go to the Free Republic where they will find like minded people they can discuss them with. I have no desire to waste my time or space on this blog acknowledging failed and punitive measures that did not work for Ronald Reagan and have not done anything except strip working people of their livelihoods, homes, and finally their dignity in adversity. This blog will treat all readers with respect, kindness and a place to read the truth.

Conservative rhetoric and talking points fall under the category of hatespeak and will be deleted or marked as spam when presented in the moderation queue. Terms such as “nanny state” which conservatives use to attempt to diminish the need for social programs and to humiliate the individuals who depend on social programs will not be posted. Such terms are attacks and will not be tolerated.

Since I did not state this in detail thinking that “hatespeak” covered it, I am stating it once in the Comments section as well as under general moderation points. After that offending messages will disappear as fast as they come in without comment.

This blog is not a cult of personality for any politician including Obama. It is not a teabagger blog, or a Bush blog and it is not an Obama blog. This is spam and will be treated as such. We expect our posters to have opinions on candidates and other political issues which affect them but this is not the same thing as devoting a whole to post to what a wonderful fellow any particular politician is and how everything that has happened to us and our economy is someone else’s fault. You are all intelligent adults and I’m sure you understand the difference. This blog does not exist to recycle or launder used politicians who have already been bought and sold. We invite everyone to read the blog and take away any information that is useful to them. We hope that we can offer something which helps you. That is why we are here.

I would like to ask all of you who make comments to speak to each other with respect and kindness as well. We are in this together and we will survive and prevail as long as we have each other’s backs. Thank you for your attention.


2 Responses to Comment Moderation (Updated)

  1. factchecker says:

    The term nannystate need not be blocked, conservative countries such as singapore have a “nannystate” and term is not necessarily derogatory unless it is used to demonize, its just become a frequently used term, for example if I say a country has always recognized a need for a “welfare state”, just because I mention that term does mean I referring to partisan rhetoric.

    • ssapotluck says:


      You appear to be new to this blog and for that reason I am not spamming your posts, merely deleting them. First of all I do not need you to tell us what we mean or should be saying. We are capable of doing that for ourselves. We do not appreciate your attempts to control our thoughts, actions or dialogue on a blog that we own and publish. If you want to make comments which are contradict our comment moderation I suggest you get your own blog and type away. You won’t be doing it here.

      I chose this post because it is a perfect example of what you are attempting to do, which it to tell me what I think instead of simply asking. It is my experience that many words can be used in different contexts and have different semantic meanings to everyone who hears or reads them. This term need not necessarily be derogatory, but in my experience it usually is. You could better compare it to a racial epithet which has no charge if two members of the same race use it as a joke in a private talk they are having but which has plenty of punch if it is used in public.

      If you decide to continue coming here you may always read the blog and take away what you can. If you want to go on posting here you will adhere to the comment moderation guidelines and stop attempting to instruct us as to what we may think, say or write. Opinions are welcome as long as they are stated as such and touch on the subject matter we write about here. Attempts to hijack or control the blog are not and any future attempts will be put straight into the spam folder without publication or reply.

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