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A “Do Nothing” Plan To Reduce The Deficit For A “Do-Nothing” Congress

Up until now, I have had nothing to say about the so-called deficit reduction “Super Committee.” They have been wasting the nation’s time and money in a deadlock which everyone knew would be the case and which has persisted since … Continue reading

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SSA 2013 Cola Watch – October Report (Updated Monthly)

We have now started a new fiscal year. Whether or not there is a COLA for January 2013 will depend on what happens this fiscal year, specifically in July through September. The baseline level (my term for it,) which was … Continue reading

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SSI Primer #1 – What Is SSI, What Are Its Basic Requirements, And What Does It Have To Do With Social Security?

What Is SSI (Supplemental Security Income?) One recurring Teabagger meme is that Social Security is entitling people and paying them benefits who never worked or contributed a cent to Social Security. Another way they say it is that Social Security … Continue reading

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2012 Federal Retiree COLA: CSRS COLA 3.6% — FERS COLA 2.6%

COLAs for both CSRS and FERS are calculated based on the same data that SSA uses to calculate their COLAs, the CPI-W figures for July, August, and September of each year. Like SSA, neither CSRS nor FERS has had a … Continue reading

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Medicare Part B Premiums For Individuals Earning Above $85,000 & Couples Earning Above $170,000

twitter-follow screen_name=’socsctypotluck’] In 2003, Congress passed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003. One of the provisions of this law was that, beginning in 2007, enrollees who have a “higher income” would pay a higher Medicare Part … Continue reading

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Medicare Open Season Through 12/07/11 — Medicare Enrollees Need To Consider Their Options

What Are The Different Parts Of Medicare And What Do They Cover? It is currently Open Enrollment season for Medicare. You may have seen this on the news or noticed a sudden increase in commercials about health insurance. Open enrollment … Continue reading

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