Update on Scott Olsen’s Condition

Former Marine Sergeant Scott Olsen has been upgraded from critical to fair condition. He has been moved from the emergency room to the intensive care unit. His doctors have decided that he will require surgery. I suspect that this will be to remove a portion of his skull, where the fracture is, and leave a opening for as long as it’s needed to accommodate the swelling of his brain. Olsen’s brain is probably swelling in two areas, directly under the fracture, and on the opposite side. This is called a countercoup injury and happens because the brain sits fairly loosely in the skull. A blow on one side of the head will often result in brain injury on the opposite side of the head.

The Daily Kos has analyzed individual frames from the video and has identified which policeman fired the tear gas round at Olsen’s head. The same policeman also threw the flash-bang which chased away the other people who were trying to help Olsen. They have put up Mayor Quan’s phone number and fax number and are urging everyone to call her to demand that she either prosecute this policeman for attempted murder or else resign as Mayor. A recall against Mayor Quan was already underway before these events. Her constituents were already unhappy with the job she was doing as Mayor and had started the process. The attempted murder of Scott Olson by an Oakland Policeman and the lack of any consequential action or even statement on the issue from Mayor Quan will undoubtedly accelerate the process.

Here is a link to this Daily Kos page UPDATED: Oakland Mayor Quan Prosecute This Cop or Resign: Photo Evidence, Scott Olsen Shooting.

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