To Our Visitors, Friends, And Commenters – This Blog Will Continue

If any of you are wondering about the future of this blog, I want to tell you most emphatically that I intend to continue it. Going through the computations and predictions of the 2012 COLA, not just knowing how it is done but actually doing the charting in the same way as the government does, has been a fascinating experience. I have also enjoyed my interactions with our visitors who wrote comments and became involved themselves.

Starting next month, look for an article entitled “2013 COLA Watch – Novenber Report” where we will resume where we left off. I hope the eventual outcome will be a bigger COLA next year. We will be in a presidential election year, and inflation is not slowing down, so it should be a very interesting dynamic to track.

If it seems as if I have been missing in action, it is because I have been answering questions which were submitted to me, both on the blog as comments and by email, that backed up before I got sick. Some of you ask some very tough questions. Once that is done I have some articles that I plan to write, including one about wealth and wage disparities and one about Bank of America’s latest attempt to defraud us all in a big way as reported by Bloomberg. It is utterly appalling. I also plan to write an article about Medicare, including 2012 changes, since we are in the open enrollment season, and a series of articles about Supplemental Security Income (SSI.)

Revenuer will continue as my comment moderator. She has taken a few days off at my request after working double duty during this last busy time and filling in for me when I was unable to write myself. I value Revenuer’s help and care and her abilities to keep teabaggers from infesting this blog like a bunch of roaches. Thanks to her, teabaggers don’t even check in.

Meanwhile thanks for your participaton, questions, suggestions and presence. I hope we can continue to enjoy the time we share together and that you find it useful. I hope you will continue with us

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2 Responses to To Our Visitors, Friends, And Commenters – This Blog Will Continue

  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for all the great articles that you write on here. I look forward to reading your blog whenever you post something new and informative. Thanks again for all your hard work.

    • revenuer says:

      You are very welcome, Brian. We look forward to many new articles to share with all of you, the 2013 COLA watch, answering questions that any of you may have and the visits and comments that we hope you will make. If any of you have any subjects that you want us to write about, let us know and we will see what we can do to oblige you. Take care and thanks for joining us and helping to make the blog run with your interests and comments.

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