USA Today Announces SSA COLA To Be 3.6% In January.

From USA Today, t0 minutes ago (about 5:50 AM):

WASHINGTON – Some 55 million Social Security recipients will get a 3.6% increase in benefits next year, their first raise since 2009.

The increase was announced Wednesday when the government released a key measure of inflation, which determines whether people who receive Social Security get a cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA.

About 8 million people who receive Supplemental Security Income will also receive the 3.6% COLA, meaning the announcement will affect about one in five U.S. residents.

I should point out that the 3.6% SSI COLA pertains only to the Federal portion of the SSI payment. Those states which supplement the Federal amount have not announced what they’re going to do.

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16 Responses to USA Today Announces SSA COLA To Be 3.6% In January.

  1. ooosillyme says:

    $37 a month…whoopee where to spend it all?

    • revenuer says:

      Ahhhh, so little to spend and so much time. I was thinking that I might try to invest in a new pair of slacks. It has been so long since either Potluck or I bought clothes that I can’t remember the date. I have one pair of relatively decent looking pants that I wear out to the doctor and such. Except for doctor visits neither of us is mobile enough to make getting out a happy experience, and we don’t drive. We get around on a medical visit subsidy for taxis which the county gives people with disabilities for medical transportation. We pay $20 every three months and they fill a plastic card with $40 which the taxis swipe and accept. It used to be $80 but as a “cost cutting” measure they lowered it. Now we have to plan our medical transportation very sparingly.

      But now back to the pants. Due to financial constraints and stress I have lost enough weight that my trusty pants won’t stay up. It is kind of like a flag pole in reverse. If I don’t stand up carefully and grab the waist band the pants fall. Down around my ankles they go, faster than I can grab them and I have to hope that no one sees it. It happened in the doctors office the last time I went. Fortunately he was walking in front of me with his back turned and I had a chance to grab the pants and yarks them up before he saw. Next time I’m going to safety pin them.

      Though if the safety pin works that would allow me to choose something else to do with my super duper COLA. Maybe I could get a couple of pairs of nice cotton codger underwear. Gee, dreams. An actual choice. 😉

      • poppi panama says:

        I hope the government will do more for your needs and potluck because transportation is deemed necessary for you both to get from point A to point B. I am praying for you both and others daily samely situated. People in authority that have the capability and authority to implement programs should do so since the war is consuming so many trillions of dollars I will keep praying for those in authority and you too and GOD bless you and potluck and I hope something shines your way both of ya and keep getting healthy and keep the faith and thanks for your replies.

      • ssapotluck says:

        Thank you, Panama. It is very kind of you to write and wish us well. Don’t worry about us, though. Nearly everyone in the country is deeply in need of help and concern. Potluck and I live in a city where the mayor is really pretty good to his residents. He is not a super rich doofus like Bloomberg in New York and with a high employment rate and not too many funds he does as much for us as he can. He is the mayor who has welcomed the OWS protesters and lets them sleep in tents around city hall. Our city council has passed a resolution supporting them and the mayor endorses it.

        Our problem is too many years of a conservative republican governor who refused to tax the rich and nearly let the whole state go down the drain. Our new Democratic governor is trying to set things right, but it will take a while. I tell you about the OWS protest because they embody many of the needs we share with each other. Recently they went to a home which was about to be foreclosed and camped out with the owners. They also picketed the home of the mortgage seller until the adverse publicity caused him to reduce the mortgage payments until the family could afford them and drop all foreclosure proceedings. They had fallen behind because the wife of the family had lost her job and one of the members of the household who had been paying part of the mortgage had been murdered in a drive by shooting. The family was two weeks late with one payment and the mortgage holder refused to accept it. The family put their payments in an escrow account, but the broker still would not take the money until he was identified and publicized by OWS. The house was underwater as so many homes are here and the mortgage had been negotiated in bad faith. Our state has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country due mostly to the machinations of the big banking chains. By taking good care of our protesters our mayor and our city council are taking good care of us.

        We have what we need, Panama, and many things that we enjoy, so please don’t worry. We will think of you and your family and remember you in our prayers as well, as we have been doing. Be happy and keep fighting back.

  2. kay says:

    nice news to wake up to, thanks!

  3. Sal says:

    Is this 3.6%of your income and a diff amount for everyone?

    • revenuer says:


      The COLA is computed the same way for everyone but it is a percentage and the amount will be be based on 3.6% of the amount that you receive from Social Security. If someone has a higher or a lower benefit amount than you, you will all get different amounts based on that 3.6%.

  4. Poppi Panama says:

    I agree with all it was the greatest news for a Wednesday in 2011 for us benefeciaries and I am thankful anything is better than nothing with everything going up. So it is nice to hear.

  5. Daniel says:

    I am on SSI, do I get the 3.6% COLA in January? If so can someone please help me figure out the amount I will get starting in January? I currently get 674.00 a Month. I appreciate any help anyone offers and thank you in advance.

    • ssapotluck says:

      The Federal portion of SSI,, which has been stuck at $674.00 for a long time, will increase to $698.00 effective with the January 2012 payment, which, I believe, will be paid on December 30, 2011.

  6. Everyone needs to keep in mind that an increase in the medicare premium will also be going up so they are giving it to us with one hand and taking it away with the other. The increase won’t likely buy a new pair of undies or socks.

    • revenuer says:

      Hi Sandra,

      I know it won’t be much of a raise. I was trying to make light of a bad situation which none of us can fix on our own. I’m going to keep calling and writing the monsters in the government on the very nightmarish economy and telling them what we want and need, not just for ourselves as individuals but as a country. Jobs, social programs to help us when we need help, good health care and the prosecution of the wall street speculators and big banking chains who put us here and fully intend to keep us here if they can.

      Did you notice how relieved everyone was that we got something, anything by way of a COLA? That is how far down we have fallen. I was trying to make light of the fact that we have not been able to buy even the most utilitarian clothing, for myself or Potluck, no sheets or bedding despite the fact that there are times when it is difficult for Potluck to be out of his bed due to the residual effects of his MRSA and pain that can’t be treated because of his liver damage from the MRSA.

      So right now I am starting the granny wear watch to see if by the end of next year we can afford comfy cotton underwear for me, new sweats and sheets for potluck, or perhaps the very desirable slacks that won’t fall down. They may be out of my reach, but it will give me something to strive for. 😉

  7. Poppi Panama says:

    Potluck, Thanks for all of the insights and undertones. I am also happy to know that a mayor in your area is a people’s person. That is so awesome. In all of the hooplaw going on daily it is difficult to keep up with everything? What does OWS mean? I appreciate your concerns for me and my family. I know I am not going to be around that long for my kids but as long as I am I will just try and do my best. I have no property nor can I offer them a home being on ssi because I do not get enough to buy them a home but I am thankful for what I am able to do daily. Now is not the time for me to panic. Too old for this. Obsma went to Nevada this Monday. I guess you are aware of this. Now a report is saying is asserting that he will sign an executive order to help struggling homeowners from being foreclosed upon. i wonder could executive orders keep us beneficiaries from what we have had to go through when COLA’s were not issues automatically for 2 years? I would say probably not because if executive orders could have helped the beneficiries we surely would have been great candidates to get something. Like I say Potluck something better than nothing. I just hope and pray I can somehow send my kids to college. Lord’s willing. i will keep fighting with you but I have to learn the precepts as to what and who to write to. Your words are kind and encouraging.

  8. Poppi Panama says:

    Is the OWS those protesters going state to state about the Wall Street disputes?

  9. june brown says:

    i oney get 336.50 a moth so how much wood i get in 2012 of ssi

    • ssapotluck says:


      Thank you for writing.

      The answer to your question is probably yes, and as soon as possible, but I need a little more information to answer your question accurately. Your income of $336.50 per month – what is its source? Different rules pertain to different kinds of income.

      What is your age? If you are under 65 are you blind (legal definition) or disabled? I assume you are a US citizen.

      If you would prefer not to reveal personal information about yourself in public, feel free to email me at

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