This Isn’t An Obama Blog, Either

Potluck and I would like to once again emphasize that this is a blog about Social Security, the community in which it exists, and the sharing of diverse opinions about it. We are not here to promote cults of personality, either conservative or democratic, and we do not appreciate people who disregard the direction we want the blog to take.

We have been overwhelmed, despite several versions of our Comment Moderation guidelines by teabaggers, who want us to believe the same old stale talking points that the Republicans have been dishing out since 1980. Only they are more vicious now. Those go straight to the spam folder. We have been inundated by people who love George Bush and are trying to convince us that he is a wonderful fellow who had no part to play in our current economic crises and did not actually start the wars in the mideast. The usual pile of garbage. Those go straight to the spam folder too.

Now we are beginning to get many, many posts from people who love Obama above all things. A fine fellow they tell us with no responsibility for how the country has gone since he has been president. It has all been someone else’s fault because he “hasn’t had time.” Or that the economy has actually grown by leaps and bounds under Obama. The fact that there is record unemployment, we are alll living hand to mouth while inflation spirals out of control is just not true. The usual nonsense. I have answered that particular vision of reality several times and we have politely asked them to take it somewhere else. Now however they are going straight to the spam folder too.

Listen up, Obama lovers and hear us, really hear us, We do not like Obama. We think he is a terrible leader and one of the worst presidents we have ever had. The only reason we would vote for him again is that he will be running against teabaggers who have promised and who keep promising to destroy our social programs. They have already broken the social contract that Americans had with their government, but so has Obama with his constant sellouts of his base and his calculated inaction except to follow the Republicans down the road to perdition. We are not going to follow him with a smile and pretend he is acceptable as anything other than a stopgap. We are certainly not going to present endless drivel that tries to get us to ignore our own perceptions and “love him like a brother.” So once again, let me suggest Democratic Underground to you. They welcome people who uncritically view Obama as the answer to everything. But don’t bring it here. We are editing the Comment Moderation once again and we want you to READ IT before you post. This has already taken up a part of our lives that we won’t get back and it will not continue. Anyone is free to read what is here and hopefully to benefit from what they read. That is why we are here. We are not here to provide laundering to old, used, corrupt politicians. Let the bankers and billionaires who own them do that. Got it?

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6 Responses to This Isn’t An Obama Blog, Either

  1. J. D. Lewis says:

    Potluck, as a avid reader of your colume I want to thank you for all that you have done to keep
    us retired persons informed as to what is truly going on with Social Security.
    Am very sorry to hear that things are not going to well for you now but with Gods love and mercy
    you will come through this too.
    Keep your head high, your heart filled with love and know that “We the People” thank you for your dedicated service.
    Best Regards,
    J.D. Lewis

    • revenuer says:


      Thank you for your good wishes and prayers. They mean a lot to us. May God hold you in the light and fill your days with peace and plenty. We also thank you for the kind words about the blog. Best regards to you, too.

  2. apologist007 says:

    I for one am delighted to find this post is just about S.S.A. stuff. I’m bored to tears with both political parties and would live in Canada if I could stand the cold, and not need the VA Medical Services for my health.
    Thank you guys for this outstanding blog with the latest honest news regarding our benefits.

    • revenuer says:

      Greetings Apologist,

      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. May I suggest something to you though without upsetting you? Your SSA and VA benefits are administered by governmental agencies. Those agencies are driven by politics. If people playing politics decrease or take away your livelihood where will you be?

      You might want to take an interest in politics. Whichever politics appeal to you. Learn about the people and processes that drive your life and all of our lives and tell them what you want of them. Are you OK with the fact that they make you want to leave your country? Are you OK with the fact that they give you miniscule COLA s based on cost of living tables which do not begin to reflect what you actually have to pay for food and shelter and health care? If you are I have nothing to say about it, I’m just asking.

      When I used to work for the IRS the taxpayers whose returns I adjusted often blamed their tax preparers. Often they were right, but they left out one responsibility that they all had. I would ask them, “Did you read the return before you signed it?” Most of them said no. At that time the 1040s had a perjury clause where the taxpayer signed. To my knowledge it was not enforced, but it was there. I would point that out and most of them were unaware if it. I would end by asking, “If a used car dealer handed you a contract and told you to sign it, would you sign it without reading it? They assured me indignantly that they would not. I agreed and pointed out that contracts to buy goods didn’t have a perjury clause and that they should never sign anything without reading it.

      That takes us back to our place in society, how we think of it and what type of social contract we want from our government.

      Apologist, I have to thank you so much for your cheerful friendly and optimistic sounding post. It was like the time I audited a business that had actually kept books. I was so grateful I nearly wept. Good luck and I really hope things go your way. You really are a good person.

  3. ronald Payton says:

    Keep posting. I may not always agree with someone’s opinion, but I always enjoy getting the facts to help make informed decisions.

    • revenuer says:

      Thanks, Ronald

      We intend to keep posting. People can read what they want, avoid pieces they don’t like and form their own opinions which they can share as long as they respect the Comment Moderation guidelines.

      Coming to someone’s blog is a lot like coming to their house. The guests are welcome, but not if they try to take your house down. You can think the furniture is awful but you don’t have and business trying to reupholster it. Blogs are personal. Anyone is free to start one of their own. That is why I have never understood their attempts to try to tell us how to run ours.

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