Weekly Unnatural Gas Price Change, September 16, 2011

According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Summary report for September 16, 2011, the national average price of regular gasoline decreased from $3.66 a week ago to $3.601. This is a decrease of $0.059 in 7 days. School is back in session and gasoline prices traditionally decrease around this time of year. Gasoline prices dropped about $0.07 in August and we still managed a 0.3% increase in CPI-W. So far, in September, the price of gasoline has dropped about $0.047 over the first 16 days.

We are now in the period which, under current law, will determine the COLA amount for next year.

I will post the price of gasoline each Friday through the end of September.

You may view the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report for yourself at any time.

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