Weekly Unnatural Gas Price Change, September 2, 2011

According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Summary report for September 2, 2011, the national average price of regular gasoline increased from $3.604 a week ago to $3.658. This is a increase of $0.054 in 7 days.

We are now in the period which, under current law, will determine the COLA amount for next year.

I will post the price of gasoline each Friday through the end of September.

You may view the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report for yourself at any time.

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4 Responses to Weekly Unnatural Gas Price Change, September 2, 2011

  1. steve says:

    We the people are here to make the rich richer. Food prices go up, gas too. etc. Our Soc Sec Cola is flat and medicare premium increases. We should raise taxes on the wealthy to 50%, raise soc sec by 25% and jail wall street criminals. Also, I believe that Bush-Cheney conspired with BinLaden-Musharef to give us 9/11 and 10 years of war. Bring back the draft, cut military pay by 75% and make military service mandatory for all, especially the kids of the wealthy.

    • revenuer says:


      I agree with a lot of what you are saying. We do seem to exist only to feed the rich. They should be taxed and at a high rate. They have benefited a great deal from living in this country and it is time they gave something back. The same goes for the large corporations who have been dodging taxes, regulation and outsourcing jobs for years.

      I think Bush and Cheney are war criminals and should be tried as war criminals and brought to justice if there is any justice left anymore. They didn’t need to conspire with anyone to drag us into the wars in the mideast. Those wars were something the conservatives wanted and which they were pushing for as far back as Reagan. George Bush’s father was the first to attack Iraq and junior simply followed up. Bin Laden had launched prior terror attacks against the US, only at the time we had presidents who were not so interested as Bush was in watching the world go up in flames. They simply dealt with the attacks, tried to prevent future attacks and life went on. Musharef was A CIA asset. I don’t believe that he had anything to do with the attack on 9/11 and he is certainly not benefiting now, is he? I’m not much on conspiracy theories. I know from the 9/11 hearings that Bush had been fully briefed on the possibility of the type of terror attack which Bin Laden planned to launch. He was briefed several times, once at his ranch by a US intelligence agent. When the agent was finished, Bush simply stated, “You’ve covered your ass. You can go now.” That was shortly before the attacks. He was also fully briefed on Katrina and chose to let the people of New Orleans die while he played air guitar at a party with his peers. Draw your own conclusions from that.

      To end problems with collecting money for Social Security, all they would have to do is to remove the cap they have put on the collection of the FICA tax. The cap goes on at $106,800, so the only increase in FICA tax would be on people whose income exceed that amount. The FICA tax rate is 6.2% which would cause no particular hardship to people with that much income, other than a forced gift to the community which they seem to find to be an anathema whatever the gift is whether it is large or small.

      I disagree completely with you on conscription. When you discuss military service you are discussing the very real possibility that an individual is going to lose his/her life. That should be a choice and it is a choice that our soldiers have been making ever since we eliminated the draft. Sometimes it is a choice made out of idealism, sometimes out of hardship and the need to provide for a family or themselves in an economy which has no jobs for them. Either way it is a considerably difficult choice to make. The soldiers do not make the war. The government makes the war and the soldiers do what they are told. I am a Quaker and I do not believe in war, but I do respect the soldiers who make the very difficult choice that an enlistee has to make which is basically whether or not to sign his life away. What are you willing to die for? Most of us have something we believe in that strongly, but it is not always the same thing. Martin Luther King said it much better than I can. He said, “If a man doesn’t have something he is willing to die for then he isn’t fit to live.” Obama seems to believe in nothing, to stand for nothing and so he does nothing and cares for no one except the people who do what he wants. He is going down and taking us with him because he does not have the moral strength it takes to withstand the strong winds that are buffeting his life and our lives. To end my thought, no one has any right to take another person’s life. That is what conscription does.

      I do not agree about cutting military pay. The soldiers do not make that much to begin with, and a great deal is demanded of them both physically and morally. The Quakers have been active in helping soldiers and their families to obtain some of the basics of life which they had to forfeit when the military members went to war. Things like food stamps which you know require low income and a needs test. Food and other necessities of life are not something that someone who will give their life for this country should have to fight for. They should be adequately provided.

      With the advent of Bush their health benefits were cut and military hospitals were closed so that it is difficult for them to find proper treatment for both physical and emotional wounds sustained in combat. They have been billeted in unsafe quarters where some soldiers have been electrocuted because of the slapdash construction performed by a private company called KBR. They also provided the soldiers in Iraq with untreated water so that many of them suffered from intractable dysentery until antiwar groups revealed it publicly. Then and only then did Congress move to make the drinking water safe.

      Often the soldiers in Iraq were given only two meals a day from the private contractors. One young man wrote asking his mother if she could send pouches of tuna and other foods for him and his buddies because they were hungry. Apparently the private contractor responsible for feeding them was pocketing much of the money that had supposedly been allotted for their food. They were given insufficient water rations for people wearing body armor and doing strenuous physical activities in triple digit heat. They had to get extra water from their families too.

      They were issued flawed body armor, helmets which did not protect them from head injuries and vehicles which had not been armor plated to survive the explosions from roadside bombs. When their families were able to raise money for good body armor which actually was protective through bake sales and donations from neighbors and other individuals, the soldiers were often told right before going into battle that they could not wear it and to take it off where they stood. The same with the properly fitting boots which they had to raise the money for to replace the ill fitting and inadequate boots they were issued but which hurt their feet and reduced them to a mass of blisters. All of this because they wanted to serve their country in the way they thought was best. Would you be willing to die for that? They were.

      Potluck and I became aware of this because we had an antiwar blog during the Bush years. Bush was trying to make the troops invisible by not having them written about, by not letting the press attend their funerals even if their families wanted it and by not discussing their living conditions. So Potluck kept what we called the “Names” page. He listed the names of the US military who died and went to their hometown papers through Google to find out about them. He also tried to find out the names of the Iraqis who died which was nearly impossible.

      Many soldiers and family members of soldiers came to look at the names page. At the time it was one of the few comprehensive lists which treated the soldiers as human beings which existed. Soon the soldiers and their families began writing to us and talking to us and without identifying them we began printing what we were told about the unnecessary hardships and privations they had to suffer. Other lefty bloggers picked them up too and we found ourselves in the position of opposing the wars and trying as best as we could to help the soldiers and their families. So no. There is no way I would agree to cut the pay of the soldiers and reduce little to virtually nothing.

      Thanks for your thoughts. We may disagree, but we still look forward to hearing your opinions. Be sure to share them with your elected representatives as well. If we don’t all start doing that we will be beyond screwed.

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