August COLA Watch

Revenuer for Potluck.  We will have the August COLA Watch up as soon as Potluck has access to the necessary data.

He expects it to be released Thursday, August 18.  We will prepare it and post it on Thursday barring delays from the Department of Labor.

Potluck is mending slowly but he is beginning to feel better.  All of you with Arthritis know that it is quick to come, slow to leave and very painful.

Thank you for bearing with us during this time.  Potluck has several articles pending and hopefully we will be able to post them soon.  The COLA watch, however will definitely be up on time.





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2 Responses to August COLA Watch

  1. Big Jim says:

    Dear Potluck,
    Hope you are mending and feeling better every day. Know how you feel as I have degenerative
    arthritis in both knees and ankles.
    All of your readers miss you and thank you so very much for the work and effort to keep us informed.
    Best of luck and hope a speedy recovery to you.
    Big Jim

    • revenuer says:

      Thanks to the both of you for your kind words. Tom, Potluck is a Vet and familiar with veterans’ benefits and pensions. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask him. Good on you too.

      Jim, we are sorry that you have arthritis. Our best wishes to you and our hope that you have a good regimen that controls your pain and helps you to keep your mobility. Illness and pain are a bitch and we wouldn’t wish them on you or anyone else. Take care of yourself and visit often.

      You too, Tom.

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