Big Lie #5 – We Win!

Have you ever noticed one of the biggest conservative lies? It is simply, “We win.” No matter what happens or who is responsible or whether it is good or bad for them or the country at large it is always a “win” for them. They proclaim these putative victories far and wide with the help of the right biased media.

Last Tuesday it was Wisconsin. There was a recall election there of six teabaggers. Two of them lost, which gave the Democrats two more seats in the state legislature than they had before. Sure, it would have been better if all six teabagger candidates had lost, or if the Democrats had picked up four seats or even three. But that didn’t happen. The Democrats picked up two seats which would have made it difficult for Governor Walker, who I think bays at the moon regularly, to pass his union busting legislation. At the time he passed that law, one Republican voted against it, but there was still enough of a Republican majority to pass it. That won’t happen now. He broke many procedural rules, defied court orders and said he has passed the law. He had won. In point of fact, the law is still meandering through the courts awaiting a final judgment. However he did say he had won because of the recall and claimed another big victory for himself and his policies.

The Democrats had taken to the streets over the union busting law and other issues he had tried to impose on them. These were voters who had soundly rejected Obama in 2010 by electing teabaggers. When they saw what they had they didn’t like it and took to the streets in a series of peaceful demonstrations which lasted for months. They raised money for the recall elections with the help of labor and without the vast corporate resources which the conservatives take for granted. The press referred to it as “big labor.” That must be an inside joke, because there is no more big labor. Unions have been broken up and disbanded since Reagan took office. It would be difficult to find a union shop anymore. Still they prevailed.

They got a large number of signatures in record time on recall petitions. They got the measures on the ballot. They staved off a teabagger dirty trick to have hard conservatives register as Democrats in the hope that they would win by mistake. The pro recall movement probably had to face other dirty tricks and perhaps even voter fraud by the governor’s county voting officials who seem to have unlimited job security in the wake of the governor’s attempt to fire all other municipal employees and privatize government. Even the firemen and the police. Still, the Democrats gained two seats in districts which had not had Democratic representation for decades. That is the true victory.

Walker faces his own recall election in February. The Democrats who got him on the ballot will have to run hard, but given what is at stake I think they will push even harder. You shouldn’t worry about the two teabaggers who lost their seats tonight. They might be able to pick up some juicy non union jobs like flipping burgers or greeting customers at discount stores.

The teabaggers in congress have claimed the debt ceiling fiasco as their great victory at the national level. They were whooping and hollering about how wonderful they felt about taking the country and all of us who live in it to the edge of a cliff to drop us off and how great it was to trigger what happened on Monday, one of the worst days the stock market has ever seen. They love that the US credit rating was lowered by Standard and Poors which has its own history of shady deals and creative accounting. They must be overjoyed that the Dow Jones average has dropped by over 2,000 points in the last ten days.

Speaker Boehner demonstrated on a nationwide scale that he cannot even deliver votes from his own party. That must be a big win for him. The teabaggers and Boehner think of the fact that keeping the economy stagnent or perhaps plunging it into an even deeper recession is a master achievement,. They say so. Loudly, happily and often. You must remember to thank them every time you have to pay higher interest or cannot afford to finance a mortgage. Standard and Poors also downgraded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the federal agencies which finance affordable mortgages. Sara Palin said on national TV that this was a big win. And so is goes. Black is white. Up is down and they are always, always the winners. The winners of what, I wonder?

Written by Revenuer and completely agreed with by Potluck.

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