A Message From The Middle Class To Reince Preibus, Chairman, Republican National Committee

Written by Revenuer and concurred with by Potluck. A message to the Republican National Committee, born of Tea Bag Poisoning.

Attention: Reince Priebus

This will be only the second time I have written you. The first time was after hurricane Katrina when I watched your favorite son, George W. Bush, stand by and kill the city of New Orleans. I also watched the individual people of New Orleans clinging to their rooftops waiting for help that never came, held back by Bush. I saw people for whom it was already too late floating face down in the filthy water that had overwhelmed the city with the storm. Those were my enduring images of Bush Republicans except for one photograph that most people didn’t see. The photo was of George Bush and his wife Laura emerging from a plane right after a party he had been to during the storm, where he played air guitar and celebrated as people who could not escape the rage of the hurricane died. Laura was holding George up the way you hold someone who has trouble walking by themselves and one of his pants legs was soaked with what looked like urine. Just another drunk peeing his pants. Only this drunk claimed to be clean and sober and he was clearly annoyed at being dragged away from his party to attend to a national emergency. Needless to say I voted Democrat in the next election. I didn’t think there was much worse that the Republicans could do. You supported Bush and his flawed domestic policy, his hollow economic policy and his wars based on lies which he admitted were lies after he left office,

Now, however, you have given me even more reason not to vote for a Republican of any stripe ever again. That would be because of your walk in lock step and your spouting of the poison given voice by the Teabaggers. I call them the Teabaggers on purpose because that is the name they gave themselves. They could not be bothered to look up the word and see what it means, and it does fit them as the original meaning given.

I have many, many objections to the Teabaggers and to the Republicans who emulate them. I will however, keep it simple. First of all I do not want or need anyone telling me how to worship God or what church I must belong to in order to be considered “human.” I have my own church which worships God and accepts Christ as a merciful prophet and which tries to show kindness and love to our fellow humans and treat gently the earth that we were given to live on. The earth that you and your Teabaggers are trying to destroy to live your gospel of “Greed is good.”

Secondly, I am an adult who is capable of making decisions concerning my own body. Whether or not to have a child when I was young enough, and to have planned my family using contraceptives. You and the Teabaggers are trying to take this capacity and this right away from all women. It is not your place to do so, and shame on you for trying. You insist on forcing women of all ages to give birth regardless of the state of their health, whether the child was conceived by rape or incest, but you will give them nothing to help them support the babies once they are born. Again, shame on you. You are the most pitiless and empty minded group of people I have ever encountered.

You try to force your ideas down everyone’s throat by holding them hostage with budget bills or the debt ceiling extension which could have blown the economy to bits if you had not been stopped. This even though the majority of Americans disagree with both your ideas and your tactics. The founders set this nation up to be a republic with representative government and ultimately majority rule. All you and the Teabaggers want to do is trash the constitution and the bill of rights in order to crush people’s minds and spirits. You mock the unemployed who cannot find jobs because of your fiscal policies. You make a sick economy which Bush left to us even sicker and now you have destroyed our credit rating with your posturing and delays. Still you get out in public full of lies as usual and call it a “win.” What exactly is it you think you have won other than the lasting disgust and anger of the American people who are sick and tired of supporting the rich at the expense of their own and their childrens’ well being?

Lastly, do you really think you are going to hold on to the offices you acquired in 2010 because the voters were so angry at Obama? News flash for you. We still are angry at Obama but not enough to knowingly return a Teabagger to office because of it. We see you now. We have seen the casualties of your violent rhetoric and threats in the shooting ot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was actually servicing her constituents when she was attacked and shot with nineteen other people, many of whom died including a nine year old girl who wanted to be in government when she grew up. The right wing goon who was responsible for the shootings was parroting all of the proper Teabagger speech and threats that we first heard and were dismayed by at the Health Care town hall meetings where they had no business disrupting and should have been put in custody for disorderly conduct and making terroristic threats. Instead, as the country reels under a crushing economic burden that Teabaggers and Republicans are responsible for they fully expect a free ride and no criticism, just like in the good old days at the Town Hall Meetings.

I could go on and on with examples like this. Republicans committing election fraud instead of running candidates fairly. Republicans accepting huge illegal campaign donations. See if those keep rolling in when your donors start losing money and credit due to your debt ceiling “win.” Also Republicans trying to enact laws at the state level to bar as many people from voting against them as possible. Those are going to court. I don’t think that one will work at all. But let me end here by saying that I did not plan to vote for Obama in 2012. I wanted him to have a robust primary challenge by a less conservative Democrat. I still do hope for that. But failing a primary challenge you have cemented in my mind the reason I must vote for Obama after all. I do not like him. I do not admire his policies. I think he has done little or none of what he promised during his campaign. I understand, however that it is better to have an Obama second term than sit at home and let Republicans and their Teabagger goon squad pick up votes which might help them in some way.

Whether you realize it or not, the Teabaggers are the beginning of the end of your party as it has been known and respected and trusted in the past. Those days are over. Now it is definitely an “us against them environment”, and you and the Teabaggers are “them.”

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4 Responses to A Message From The Middle Class To Reince Preibus, Chairman, Republican National Committee

  1. ooosillyme says:

    Thank you for expressing the frustration of so many in such an eloquent manner. I think that the Republicans will be shocked at the backlash from their games. The damage is too much for people to forget come election time. We will not fall for their lies anymore….we are on to them.

  2. JustMe says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. I wish a true progressive would run for the Presidency. Since that isn’t likely, better Obama than any Republican this year.

    As for Congress, it is absolutely shameful that a minority of Teabaggers are allowed to inflict so much damage on the American people. If your state elected one, please vote them out before more of us are thrown into poverty.

  3. KURT MYERS says:

    I looked up teabaggers.. was shocked and then had a good laugh… the teabaggers are the ignorant disinfranchised ultra conservative religious socialpathic arm of the republican party… the general republican party are afraid that the teabaggers will primary them and the general public fear them for the real threat of destroying 70 plus years of progress.. as anyone can see, I speak the truth and can also state my contempt for them in the same line…they will implode.. .and take the republican party down with it… be patient !

    • revenuer says:

      Hi Kurt,

      Sorry if the word shocked you. That was one of my points. There is a collection of slang and current expressions in an internet source called the Urban Dictionary. If you are going to use a name or word for yourself it is always wise to consult it. I once embarrassed myself good in a talk forum by using one of those double meaning words. When someone gently informed me, and referred me to the Urban Dictionary I learned my lesson. 😉

      I figure if the wingnuts are going to name themselves with all of the staff and resources at their disposal from their corporate donors of the month, they should look it up too. You have probably guessed that I am a person on the edge here. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you completely. Their candidates are already bickering among themselves, so hopefully the fissure between the two factions will come sooner rather than later.

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