2012 COLA Watch – July Report (Preliminary)

The BVS released the June CPI figures about an hour ago.  The CPI-W decreased to 222.522 from 222.954 in May, a decrease of 0.2%.  If the CPI-W holds at this amount, it would support a COLA of about 3.26%, under current law.  I still think the CPI-W will resume its monthly increases next month, though.

Full report later.

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13 Responses to 2012 COLA Watch – July Report (Preliminary)

  1. Jim Tassava says:

    Glad I found your blog!

  2. Harbin says:

    Love your site.

  3. methods49 says:

    Not so sure the CPI-W will resume its monthly increases. If I were to bet, I would bet on it staying put at best.

    Also CPI-W COLA is hypothetical at this point given a theoretical at least possibility that:

    a) there will be no money to pay full SS benefits anyhow (Obama himself said that),


    b) there’s still plenty of time for them to change everything system wide to CPI-U (chained) including the 2012 COLA SSA adjustment.

    Sentiments on both sides of the isle indicate that they like the idea. If they do, and if the interim CPI-U numbers hold the 2012 COLA would be around 2.5% not 3.3% with the current version of the CPI. That is roughly 3/4 less.

    • ssapotluck says:

      It they go ahead and do this, which I think is unlikely. The blowback they got must have been fierce. No one has said anything about it for about ten days now. The big problem with this is that all it does is penalize both current and future beneficiaries. It does nothing to reduce the federal budget deficit.

      I do think that the CPI-W will resume increasing next month. Gasoline has risen 8 cents off its recent low. AAA is predicting that it will continue to increase 3 to 4 cents per week throughout the summer. The price of gasoline affects everything else, and core inflation has continued to increase more or less unabated.

  4. methods49 says:

    1/4 less obviously.

  5. big Jim says:

    Thanks for the excellent reporting of true and accurate information that you provide all of your readers.
    As a 57 yr male who is collecting permanent SDI has me in a daze as I have no idea as to the who, what and when of Social security, Disability, and SSI, Medicare and Medicaid. I hope that you can answer a few of the questions that I do have. I have been to the web site of SSA but could not find the answers I am looking for. Any help that you might provide would be greatly appreciated.
    My first question would be when I reach retirement age will I still be required to stay on SSD or would I be eligible to get off of SSD and Transfer to SS ? When would I be eligible for Medicare ?

    • ssapotluck says:

      When you reach full retirement age (FRA) (for you, age 66, if you were born in 1954 or earlier, or age 66 years 2 months if you were born in 1955) you will be automatically converted from being a disability beneficiary to a retirement beneficiary. No action on your part is required, and the change will be invisible to you. The benefit amount will remain the same; as a disability beneficiary you are already being paid your FRA amount.

      You should become eligible for Medicare in your 25th month of entitlement to disability benefits. If you have been entitled to disability benefits for 25 or more months already you should be entitled to Medicare now. You can call SSA at any time to request a replacement Medicare card, or do this on the internet. .

      • big Jim says:

        Thanks for the info. I love the way you break things down and make it easy to understand. Your knowledge of the SSA and it policies is to all of your readers advantage.
        Thank you so much and for keeping us poor laymen informed.

  6. revenuer says:

    A poster named Wayne, has written a comment asking another poster who made a comment in this thread why the question has not been asked of SSA instead of on this blog.

    If you had read the section on comment moderation, Wayne, you would find that your response is both rude and inappropriate. We invite our readers to ask questions either on the blog or via email. The choice to do that is ours not yours. You also chose to phrase your comment in a rude and inappropriate manner. We do not tolerate rudeness to or abuse of people who make comments on our blog. We invite discourse but only if it is framed politely and respectfully and not as a personal attack.

    Since we have zero tolerance for personal attacks we will not moderate or post your comment. Strike one Wayne. If we get another message in this vein from you it will be sent straight to the spam folder without comment or response. We also require polite and well mannered discourse toward ourselves. We are writing this blog to try and help people and we will not act as punching bags for people who do not like what the government does. Much of the time we do not like what the government does, but we are stuck with it. We also do not invite or desire comments and memes from disgruntled conservatives who want to destroy the programs and safety nets which benefit most people. If all you have to do is try to disrupt discourse or drown out concerns with your talking points we suggest you take it to the Free Republic. They will welcome you there.

    Please be sure to read comment moderation before you post a comment. You need to be aware of the parameters within which the blog operates and that we do not like having to repeat ourselves over and over again. Once should be enough.

  7. Tom says:

    It’s been said many times how people appreciate your website. I too find it useful and informative. I think in one of your postings you mentioned that you were a disabled veteran. Good on ya mate. I too am disabled and retired veteran. I find your information mainly referencing SS benefits, but to those that don’t know, this information pertains to retired and disabled military too. Keep up the good work.

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