All Six “Fake” Democrats Soundly Defeated In Wisconsin – Huzzah! Huzzah!

Nine Wisconsin state senators are up for recall, 6 Republican and 3 Democrats. The Democrats should survive their recalls, but the Republicans know they are in real trouble. In an attempt to forestall the inevitable they ran 6 “fake” Democrats against the 6 “real” Democrats, forcing a Democratic primary election, which was held today. This primary election delayed the actual recall election until August 9.

Five of the six “real” Democrats won with at least 64% of the total votes cast. In the sixth race the “real” Democrat won with 54% of the votes. This race was noteworthy in that it attracted a lot of outside spending, urging Republicans to vote for the “fake” Democrat. Wisconsin has open primaries, so the state Republican party was urging their base to vote for the “fake” Democrats in all six races. They didn’t seem to have much success with this.

Please see the article In Wisconsin, Real Democrats Crush “Fake” Democrats in BeyondChron, from a blog based in San Francisco.

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